• Luna Ross

What Makes You Unique Makes You Beautiful

We all have those quirky or unique things about us. For some of us, we learn to embrace them and live fully in it and for others, it is a constant struggle. The older I get, the more I embrace those quirky or unique things about myself.

Standing at 5’8”, I’m not what you would call an amazon but, I am close to average height. I feel like I am in a happy medium when it comes to my height. It works for me in so many ways. When I was younger, I disliked my height because I was taller than most of the boys so, I wasn’t seen as feminine like the other girls. Now, you can’t tell this long-legged, 5’8” goddess nothing.

Another unique thing about me is my moles. I started to notice that I had a couple of moles on my face back in my early twenties. I didn’t understand why they were coming and at one point I had the dermatologist burn some of them off. I kept one as a “beauty mark”. Well, the older I got, the more they came. Now, in my thirties, I lost count but, I love them. I love the placement of them, the shape of them, how rare I see them on others. It’s just another thing about me that makes me who I am. I realized that I got them from my father. My sister also shares this unique feature.

There are so many unique things about ourselves that we should embrace. No one is perfect and no one should make you feel bad about something that is uniquely you. In one person’s eyes, it may be unusual, in someone else’s eyes, it’s beautiful. The negative people don’t matter and their opinions of you should not make you shrink or hide. Walk tall and show the world who you are.