• Luna Ross

May Goals

Well, it is the first day of May and we are still in the middle of a pandemic. May is an important month because it is my birthday month. It seems like this came so quickly. I will be 34 at the end of the month. Still cannot believe it but, it is here. I planned on going out to New Orleans for my birthday week. I just wanted to chill, explore, and bathe in the essences that is New Orleans however, plans change. So, now I must plan accordingly.

The other day, I was thinking about the goals I had set for myself this year. There were a lot of things I wanted to do that got derailed by Covid-19, going on vacation was one, dating was another. Thought those things can still happen later in the year, I decided to put those two on hold for a little bit. Instead, I decided to do mini monthly goals.

· Keep a daily journal about my feelings. Keep a daily gratitude journal.

· Walk for 15 minutes on my break: one thing I do miss about working away from home is walking around the lake and amongst the trees by my job. I have not done much of that lately and I need to start up again.

· Cook something new: Recently, I have been looking at different Keto recipes to try out. I found a bunch that I am itching to try out.

· Read one book a week: I need to get back into reading. I have so many books I purchased but have not had sat down to read them yet.

· Cool down after work by doing something creative: Yesterday, I decided to sit on my patio and paint. I did not paint anything in particular, just painted what was in my mind.

Do you have any May goals or mini-goals that you want to work on? Share them in the comments.