• Luna Ross

Where To

We all come to a point in our lives where we have to decide on a life-changing event. Should I take this job that makes more money but, I have to work more hours, should I go back to school to peruse another career path, should I move in with my partner or not, etc. The list could go on. My current life-changing decision has to do with me moving to another state. I was born and raised in South Florida and have been here my whole life. It is the only place I know; it’s home. But, lately, it hasn’t been feeling like home. It now feels like a place I settled on because it’s all I’ve known.

I can be a bit of a risk-taker at times and other times I doubt myself. Yes, I am open enough to admit it. I made a decision earlier this month that I am finally going to leave Florida. Not saying I won’t be back, maybe when I am a lot older but, it’s time for me to go. It was a hard decision because most of my family lives here and all of my immediate family is here. I talked it over with my mom a few weeks ago and she was very encouraging. She wants me to get out there and explore and do something different. Over my brother’s birthday dinner last week, I discussed it with my siblings. My brother wasn’t really happy about it, as I knew he wouldn’t be. He doesn’t understand why I want to leave “them”. I told him it’s not about “them”, it’s about me. My sister was a little apprehensive at first but, she came around. I knew she wouldn’t be defensive like my brother. The only person I haven’t discussed this with is my father but, I know his reaction would be the same as my brother’s, probably worst. We’ve had conversations like this in the past and he was not keen on me leaving.

My big dilemma is where exactly to move to. I don’t want to live in a place where it’s very crowded and there is a lot of traffic. South Florida is already famous for its crowds and traffic. I-95 is a freaking nightmare. I want to live in a place where it’s affordable; where I don’t have to pay an arm and leg just for an apartment; where I am going to be paid what I am worth. FYI, Florida doesn’t pay that well and the cost of living sucks. Well, unless you want to live on the side of someone’s home (efficiency) and even that can be a bit much at times. Back to my point, I want to live and be comfortable.

I had narrowed it down to Dallas or Oklahoma City and decided on OKC. However, I’m now thinking it may not be a good fit for me. Sure, it’s quiet, the cost of living is good; respectively, you do get paid less there but, you’re paid against the cost of rent and owning a home. OKC is up and coming. There still isn’t that large crowd there and there are little places outside of the downtown area that is quiet and spacious. But, now I am not sure. I would miss the beach a lot if I moved there. Overall, it sounds good on paper and what I want but, is it really want I need. I’ve been discussing with a good friend and she has her opinions on where I should go. Decisions, decisions. I do know, I must make my decision by the end of the summer.